Government pressured to ban rodeo

SAFE presented at Parliament today to call for an end to rodeo, alongside the SPCA, and Farmwatch.

An official hearing had been scheduled following the petition that attracted 62,000 signatures, and the groups put together a comprehensive submission demonstrating that rodeo has got to go.

“The room was packed,” says Campaigns Officer Shanti Ahluwalia. “There was a tremendous amount of interest from politicians, the public, and the media.”

Now that the government has heard the evidence, they will consider whether or not rodeo needs to be banned. The evidence presented was clear – animals in rodeos suffer. This suffering is solely for entertainment, with no economic benefit. In fact New Zealand’s international reputation is likely to suffer if animals continue to be abused.

“We will continue to keep the pressure on the government. The end is in sight for this cruel so called sport,” says Mr Ahluwalia.


2 June 2016