House of Travel Ends Sponsorship of Rodeo!

SAFE is pleased to announce that yet another company has shown compassion to animals by ending their sponsorship of rodeo. House of Travel is the latest (former) rodeo sponsor to say enough is enough. Animals used in rodeo are terrified and abused, forced to perform in front of crowds, risking injury, or worse, every time they enter the arena.

“There are no two ways about it; rodeo is cruel. We have found that many companies sponsoring this cruelty are often completely unaware of what actually happens but once they know, there is no excuse to continue their support. Thanks to House of Travel for withdrawing their sponsorship,” says Campaigns Officer Abi Izzard.

In just the last few weeks, two animals have died at the rodeo – a horse in December and a bull in January. “These are not the first, two bulls died during the 2014-15 rodeo season, and they surely won’t be the last,” says Abi.

Without financial sponsorship, rodeos would not be viable, which is why it’s crucial that sponsors withdraw their support and why SAFE is contacting companies urging them to show consideration for the animals. After hearing from SAFE, companies including MediaWorks and Honda New Zealand have ended their sponsorship of rodeo, and now House of Travel joins them saying, “House of Travel Group is not a supporter of of our stores had a longstanding relationship with Rodeo NZ. This has since been withdrawn, and will not be revisited.”

But the fight is not over yet, other companies such as Saddlery Warehouse, Fulton Hogan, and Totalspan are still supporting rodeo. They are sending a message to their customers that they’re happy to be associated with tormenting and abusing animals for entertainment, which can be damaging to their reputation.

SAFE is urging all rodeo sponsors to join the movement away from animal cruelty, please join us.


Ask sponsors to drop their support of rodeo by sending an email to sponsors now!

Report sponsor: If you’ve spotted a company sponsoring rodeo, let us know.

3 February 2016