Imagine a World without Factory Farming ...

This December SAFE is helping factory-farmed animals plead their own case, with their own voice.

SAFE has been given the wonderful opportunity by Animals Australia to broadcast the most effective and moving TV ad against factory farming ever made. Factory farming is the greatest cause of animal suffering in New Zealand today and we believe most New Zealanders would be horrified if they knew the conditions animals have to endure their entire lives. The biggest single threat to factory farming is knowledge and this ad shows just what factory-farming industries are trying to hide. 

Right now, our groundbreaking new advertising campaign is taking flight all over the country. Animals won't just talk, they will sing for help, on national television!

Please WATCH NOW and if you agree with us that it has the power to bring change for factory-farmed animals, help keep it on air by donating today. Be part of the most exciting campaign to help factory-farmed animals ever seen in New Zealand.