TV star joins rodeo fight

SAFE are excited that well known TV presenter, Kevin Milne has joined the campaign against rodeo, asking that animals are given a ‘Fair Go’ by way of a ban on rodeos.

“I used to like the idea of rodeo thinking it as a wonderfully manly sport. But now the pain inflicted on the animals has been pointed out I think it’s anything but. No man inflicts pain in a one-sided contest. So I now support the banning of rodeos in New Zealand. We live in more enlightened days. Time for the bullies to saddle up and head off into the sunset," says Kevin.

During rodeo events animals are slapped, prodded and forced to perform.  Horses and bulls only buck because of the flank strap that is fitted around their abdomen causing great discomfort. Petrified calves are chased across the arena before being roped around the neck and flung to the ground. These are just babies, not long torn away from their mothers.

Animals used in rodeo routinely suffer pain and distress. Causing animals to suffer for entertainment is completely unacceptable and these animals need our help.

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Join SAFE, the SPCA and Farmwatch in calling for all rodeos in New Zealand to be banned.

2 October 2015