2015 hottest Veg celebrities announced

To mark the start of World Vegetarian Month this October, SAFE has awarded the title of New Zealand’s hottest vegetarian celebrities to two deserving winners: director James Cameron and television presenter and journalist Samantha Hayes.
Now, SAFE is encouraging the public to sign up for the Big Veg Challenge, a 30 day challenge to ditch animal products.

World Vegetarian Day, 1st October, is the beginning of a month-long event encouraging people around the world, including compassionate Kiwis, to try ditching animal products, just like our hottest vegetarians. Other close contenders who made the short list include musicians Lisa Crawley, Benny Tipene, Gin Wigmore and Jesse Cooper, and television presenter Suzanne Paul. 2014’s winners were director James Napier Robertson and actor Anna Paquin.
Last October, over 500 people committed to Go Veg for a month, preventing an estimated 4000 animals from being eaten.

“People are becoming more aware of where their meals come from and about the cruelty involved in raising animals for food,” says SAFE’s head of campaigns Mandy Carter. “Animal lovers can help all animals by joining us for Go Veg month.”

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1 October 2015