Are Countdown Starting to Crack?

Thanks to YOU, a high-profile ad campaign sent Countdown one simple, powerful message – and there are signs that it is beginning to get through…

Countdown has just announced a new programme to encourage investment in producing free-range and barn eggs. This is significant because their number one excuse for not committing to phase out cage eggs is lack of supply of the alternatives. However, we are not asking Countdown to go cage-free overnight, but rather to ‘name the date’ – much as their parent company, Woolworths, has done in Australia.

While we welcome this as a sign that Countdown is starting to understand the level of public concern about keeping hens in cages, it is now more important than ever to keep up the pressure for them to name the date by which they will consign cruel cages to the history books. Remuera New World has just become the latest New Zealand store to go completely cage-free, while UK supermarket chain Tesco, all Danish supermarkets and global food giant Sodexo’s 32,000 outlets have all recently named dates. It’s only a matter of time before Countdown joins them.

Take Action:

  • Send a message to Countdown Managing Director Dave Chambers asking him to name a date by which Countdown will be cage free.

01 September 2016