BOARS – more victims of factory farming

The suffering of mother pigs on factory farms has gained widespread coverage over recent years, resulting in a ban on sow stalls and awareness that farrowing crates, (where the mums are confined with their piglets), also need to go.

However the dads, (boars), suffering on factory farms are often not even considered by most of us. In the run up to Father’s Day we’re asking caring New Zealanders to think about these forgotten victims.

Like their female counterparts, boars live lives of misery. Being housed in concrete pens, either on their own or with other adult males, these intelligent animals are used as breeding machines. Solitary confinement leads to boredom, stress and depression. When they are housed with other boars, the frustration caused by their confinement can lead to fighting with their pen mates, commonly causing injuries. Such aggressive behaviour would be rare if the boars had space to get away from one another.

Stand up for those other fathers this Father’s Day by boycotting all pork, bacon and ham.

Find out more about boars on NZ factory farms and help spread the word.