Breaking down the walls

During the month of August SAFE's Stop Factory Farming month Don't be in the dark was supported throughout the country by supporters, volunteers, celebrities and most importantly, ordinary, compassionate Kiwis standing against animal cruelty.

Daily actions and activities helped make the cruel realities of factory farming visible and shared with friends, family and workmates. The message has been shared in many simple ways - wearing a Stop Factory Farming tshirt, wear a badge, or putting up a poster at work.

Visibility on the street

The visibility of the Stop Factory Farming campaign was helped with eye-catching posters on the streets of New Zealand. Actor Emmett Skilton (Almighty Johnsons) stepped up to put his face to the campaign, and he didn't just lend his name and face. Emmett took one step further and became an activist for animals when he took part in the vigil for chickens on 17th August.


Vigil for the chickens - bearing witness

On 17 August a vigil was held in Auckland to commemorate the millions of New Zealand chickens that suffer short and brutal lives when raised for meat. 90 animal activists each held a body of a chicken found dead on a farm, representing the 90 million birds killed every year in this country. The powerful action vigil was featured on both major news channels and the video is now online: please share and spread this important message!


Volunteers in action

SAFE volunteers have supported the month in many valuable ways within local communities: petition signings, library displays, letters and emails written, approaches to local cafes, and of course numerous opportunities to wear an animal costume were taken!


Both Christchurch and Wellington volunteer groups completed and handed over petitions to their local New World supermarket asking for a commitment to phase out the sale of cage eggs from their stores. It's not a question of ‘if' but ‘when' - each action increases the momentum for this to happen.

Photo competition winners 

The photo competition brought out the fun of the campaign and supporters accepted the challenge to represent the Stop Factory Farming campaign in public. And the prizewinners are:

Top prize: Felis Catus 
Most effective: Evelyne Sparks
Most creative: Ellie David
Youth prize: Jayden Jameson 
SAFE pick week one: Linda Taihia 
SAFE pick week two: Clark Williams
SAFE pick week three: Charmaine Clark

Congratulations to the winners, and thankyou so much to all entrants! Also many thanks to prize sponsors: The Heritage, Michelle Langstone, Ben Barrington, Jared Turner, Craig Potton, Nigel Wilson, Fat Freddies Drop, Ladi 6, Be Good Organics, and Good magazine!

Committed to stop factory farming

This is just the start - of course the effort continues and will build momentum. There is presently a chance for legislative change in theAnimal Welfare Amendment Bill and SAFE urges you to have your say and make a submission.

However it will be consumers who continue to make the biggest difference - by boycotting factory-farmed eggs, pork and chicken products.

You can also help by encouraging family friends and communities to remember animal welfare in their daily lives. Each of us has the opportunity every day to act on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, and inspire others to help the animals.