National SFF rally - a success for animals

Animal advocates and members of the public all over New Zealand united for a massive ‘National Day of Action Against Factory Farming’ on 26 July in response to the two recent exposés that showed horrific conditions on pig factory farms.

The Day of Action, involving rallies, demonstrations, marches and actions in Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton and Auckland, raised awareness of the cruelty of all factory farming and called on politicians to issue a complete ban on all intensive farming practices.

“Pigs are kept in farrowing crates for four weeks at a time,” says SAFE head of campaigns Mandy Carter. “Our action today highlights this– some pigs have been unable to turn around since the horrors of pig farming were exposed 4 weeks ago.

“Can you imagine being kept in a cage so small that you cannot even move properly for four whole weeks? It is a national disgrace that this is still legal.”

Since the Ministry of Primary Industries and NZ Pork continue to let animals down, the issue of factory farming has now become a political issue – especially so with it being election year.

“We must act now and are calling on all political parties to take this issue seriously, listen to the people and commit to putting an end to factory farming. A total ban on all factory farming is the only acceptable option,” says Mandy. “It’s clear from the huge turn out today – with nearly 1000 people in Auckland alone that it is not an issue people are prepared to compromise on."

SAFE will launch it’s Stop Factory Farming election campaign in August, which will reveal each parties position on factory farming so that animal lovers can make an informed vote.