Labour Party announces historic policy- an end to factory farming.


History is in the making. The Labour Party has announced a policy to ban factory farming! This after SAFE has helped to repeatedly expose the rampant cruelty of factory farms. Most recently, shocking footage was aired on the Sunday Programme, demonstrating that not enough has changed in the past few years.

SAFE is pleased that the Labour Party, along with the Green, Mana, and Internet parties have all adopted a strong stance against factory farming and aim to have it banned by 2017.

"After decades of campaigning, we are amazed that the possibility of banning factory farming is now being discussed," says Campaign Officer Shanti Ahluwalia.

The Labour Party has not yet released the specifics of their plan, but will hopefully have more information before the election. In the mean time, show your support for a factory farming ban and write to David Cunliffe to congratulate the Labour Party for taking a stand against factory farming.

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