Minister A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?


Startling contradictions in statements made by Minister of Agriculture, David Carter, on the Sunday programme last Sunday regarding the resumption of live sheep exports, has led animal advocates to question whether the minister is a ‘wolf in sheep's clothing.'

The programme screened disturbing footage of suffering and dying sheep in the Middle East en route to slaughter, and questioned whether New Zealand will resume this trade after a six-year moratorium. National animal advocacy organisation SAFE says that the minister's integrity must be questioned after giving such mixed messages.

"Agriculture minister David Carter appears to be hedging his bets by publicly making assurances that the trade will not resume under his watch, while also giving live sheep exporters the impression that they will be able to re-start their trade in the near future," says SAFE campaign director Hans Kriek.\

"The minister needs to quit acting like a wolf in sheep's clothing," says Mr Kriek. "His assurances that sheep will only be exported if high animal welfare standards are met are disingenuous, as no standards can prevent widespread animal suffering. These arduous voyages through some of the harshest climatic conditions in the world cause hundreds of sheep to die during every shipment, predominantly from starvation."

SAFE will seek a written assurance from the minister to back up his statements that he will not allow the live export trade to resume. SAFE will also ask the minister to amend the Customs Exports Prohibition (Livestock for Slaughter) Order by introducing a permanent ban on the exportation of live animals for slaughter.