Fire strikes pig farm once again

Dozens of pigs have burnt to death at a pig farm north of Ngaruawahia. The latest fire is the third at the property, after 400 mother pigs and piglets burnt to death in August 2015.  300 animals died in a similar blaze in April 2005.

“It is clear that fire prevention measures are woefully inadequate on this farm and it appears that nothing has been learned from these previous disasters. On factory farms there is no escape for the animals. They already suffered from cruel confinement, and now they have had a horrifying death,” says Hans Kriek.

“We believe that there should be mandatory sprinklers in all factory farms.”

Investigators from Farmwatch have previously filmed inside the farm.

Take action:

Cruel pig factory farms need to be stopped. Ask the government to ban farrowing crates.

1 April 2016