Morrissey shows his support for SAFE!

The Stop Factory Farming campaign has been given a high profile celebrity boost thanks to the musician Morrissey. While doing a spot on the David Letterman show Morrissey wore a Stop Factory Farming badge showing his support for New Zealand's most proactive animal advocacy organisation SAFE. You can watch the clip yourself.

Morissey is a longtime vegetarian advocate, having inspired a generation of Smiths fans to give up meat with the song ‘Meat is Murder'.

While on his New Zealand tour in December Morrissey referred on stage to SAFE's Stop Factory Farming television ad which had impressed him. When he pointed out this never would happen in the US or the UK, the audience responded with cheers.

SAFE's managing director Debra Ashton said her heart stopped when he mentioned the TV ad, and says she felt a real pride that SAFE's work received such recognition.

Give the Stop Factory Farming campaign a boost yourself by wearing a badge or tshirt, available online.