Hon Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central

What prompted you to Go Veg for 30 days?

Martin Leach from Ponsonby News asked me and I decided it was a worthwhile cause to raise the importance of animal welfare. Hopefully I will continue the healthy eating as this job requires long hours and we all know it is important to keep up your strength with the right food. The reality is it is easy to lapse into eating high carb, high sugar food when you are tired.

Did anyone join you?

No. And they tried to make me cheat.

What’s the best thing you’ve discovered by Going Veg?

There really is a great range of vegetarian food available now. I don’t cook much, but found there were lots of things I could buy ready-made or order off the menu in restaurants easily enough.

How do you feel from going veg?

That’s hard to say as I have been getting to know all the areas of my new portfolios so definitely burning the midnight oil. I feel OK though, so maybe that is down to the healthy eating.

Have you enjoyed the new food?

To be honest I haven’t always. But I am pleased I gave some new things a try.

What’s an example of a dish you have been successful creating and serving others??

Did I mention I don’t cook much? I would have loved to have had the chance to get friends round for a meal, but haven’t had the chance recently. Beetroot salad is my speciality.

Has there been anything negative about going veg?

Not in the long run. A few raised eyebrows from people who didn’t understand why I was having tomato sauce sandwiches at a bbq!

Will you stay Veg long term do you think?

No. I don’t eat a lot of meat, I think I will probably eat less, but I will still eat fish and some meat occasionally.

What do your friends, work colleagues and family think?

Everyone has been quite supportive. My office staff in particular in helping me find vegetarian alternatives.

Was there a funny moment on your journey?

When I accidently bought a chicken sandwich and had to convince my staff member to swap their lunch.