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Don't be in the dark

New Zealand's Stop Factory Farming Month, August 2013

You can help the millions of animals in intensive industrial systems. Factory farming can only continue to exist because it's hidden - take part in Don't be in the dark and make factory farming visible.

Thousands of pigs are farmed in crates, three million layer hens produce eggs in tiny cages, and over 80 million chickens are raised for meat are crammed into sheds with tens of thousands of other birds.

Join SAFE to help make these cruel realities of factory farming visible, take action and share with your friends, family and workmates. Get the message out by sharing the campaign - wear a Stop Factory Farming tshirt, wear a badge, or put up a poster at your work.

SAFE Blog 31 ways to stop factory farming

DOWNLOAD Stop Factory Farming poster

SAFE action Vigil for chickens

Don't be in the dark: photo competition

Take part in the 'Don't be in the dark' photo competition - spread the message, take a photo, share and win! 

During the month of August SAFE is running a photo competition inviting you to stand up and represent the Stop Factory Farming campaign in public. Let's get it out there and get people talking!

Take a photo of your action and enter the competition! The most popular and most effective ideas and photo entries will be rewarded.

Spot prizes will be awarded each week and the top photo winners announced 2 September.


Ready, set, go!

Order Stop Factory Farming campaign materials at the Cruelty Free Shop.

Badges, stickers, bags, and Stop Factory Farming t-shirts (two for the price of one for this promotion period only)

DOWNLOAD Stop Factory Farming poster

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Remember - everyone makes a difference

Each of us has the opportunity each day to act on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, and inspire others to act. To boycott factory-farmed eggs, pork and chicken products is the single most effective way to end factory farming in New Zealand once and for all. The second most effective thing we can do is invite others to do the same.





Photo competition
Closed 31 August

Cruelty Free Shop


Emmett Skilton of the Almighty Johnsons invites you to take part in the Stop Factory Farming month! To be part of the campaign you can:  

Wear a badge!

Use a bumper sticker!

Wear a tshirt (two for the price of one)!

Shop with a message!



Say NO to cruel colony cages

Colony cage

Send a direct e-card to Leader of the Opposition now. The National Government had the opportunity to end the cruel confinement of hens but failed to do so. This is why Labour's stance on colony cages is so important. 

No colony cages


In your community

If you can put up a poster or get signatures for the petition against colony-battery cages please send a message to dontbeinthedark@
with your postal address and it will be sent out to you.