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Position: Chief Executive Officer

CEO: Make a real difference for animals

  • Lead a well-established, professional, national not-for-profit organisation
  • Raise awareness and understanding of animal welfare and rights
  • Align your passion with your career

SAFE is New Zealand's leading national animal rights and animal advocacy organisation and undertakes a diverse range of activities to support its objectives.

We are seeking a people leader who is passionate about animal rights and welfare to join and lead the team at SAFE.  SAFE aims to promote the rights and welfare of all animals within New Zealand in order to create positive changes in the way animals are acknowledged by the general population, industry and the government. 

The CEO role is pivotal to the implementation of the SAFE’s strategic objectives and the delivery of key SAFE initiatives.  Supported by a highly motivated and effective team of staff and volunteers, you will be a committed vegan who is driven to make a difference and who enjoys diversity and challenge in their work. 

You will be a strong leader, able to build a build and lead a high-performance team.  You will ensure that SAFE’s strategic plan, campaigns, policies, events, promotional activities, education programmes and external communications, including SAFE’s political lobbying and media profile, are aligned with SAFE’s goals.  Additionally, you will be responsible for staff and financial performance, and ensuring appropriate organisation risk mitigation is carried out.

To be considered for this role you must demonstrate:

  • Knowledge and genuine commitment to animal welfare and rights;
  • Demonstrated commitment to the goals and objectives of SAFE;
  • Proven financial management and reporting skills;
  • The ability to communicate clearly and compellingly;
  • Fund raising ability to support the organisation's work;
  • Political astuteness and ability to engage at all levels;
  • Experience in reporting to a Board of Directors;
  • Experience leading and managing an organisation;
  • Depth of experience in animal rights advocacy;
  • Experience dealing with media and being the public face of an organisation;
  • Ability to develop and implement strategy; and
  • Ability to create, inspire and empower a high-performance team.

If you can demonstrate these skills and attributes, this may be the remarkable opportunity you are looking for.  SAFE offers you an interesting and rewarding opportunity to contribute to animal rights and welfare in New Zealand.

A job description is available here

Please email applications to recruitment@safe.org.nz  

Applications close on Friday 6 April 2018.