Ask Woolworths and Countdown to stop selling cage eggs

Multi million dollar Australian corporation Woolworths, who owns Countdown, has committed to phasing out all cage eggs in Australia by 2025 after their customers asked them to.

Kiwis care about hens too, but Woolworths has double standards: they are refusing to listen to their New Zealand customers and commit to a phase out of all cage eggs sold in Countdown stores.

We want Woolworths to stop treating Kiwis like poor cousins – as if our opinion doesn’t matter. It is time for Countdown to listen to caring Kiwis and put in place a public policy announcing an end date for the sale of all cage eggs.

Three million layer hens are suffering in cruel cages, right now. Public disapproval of caging hens has led to a phase-out of standard battery cages by 2022. Sadly, the suffering does not end there, as yet another cruel cage system will replace them. In the new colony battery cages each hen has a living space barely larger than the size of an A4 piece of paper.

Supermarkets are a major purchaser of animal products and have the ability to put in place standards of care in their supply chain, which can help improve animal welfare. They respond to what their customers want, and that’s why you have the power to demand a better life for hens.

Progress has been made in that Countdown has recently announced they are going cage free in their own-brand egg labels by 2022. However, while Countdown continues to sell cage eggs, hundreds of thousands of hens will continue to suffer life in a cruel cage.

Take Action!

  • As a customer, your views should be important to Countdown and Woolworths. Please take a moment to ask them to phase out all cage eggs at Countdown and end the suffering.  Send an e-mail to Countdown and Woolworths now!